Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency for Sustainable Growth

Web Conference – Virtual Exhibition 

22 – 23 February 2022

Hackathon Days

A web conference called “Hackathon Days” will be held on 22– 23 February 2022, focusing on innovative and already commercial solutions on renewable energy technologies, energy efficiency measures, high technological prototypes, sustainable systems for natural sources and energy saving, circular economy.
The web conference is part of REESTART project activities (Renewable Energy and energy Efficiency for Sustainable energy Transition And Reinforced Trust between SMEs and ESCOs), whose goal is to contribute to promote entrepreneurship, innovation and job creation in support of Lebanon’s clean energy transition. At this scope, Hackathon Days will be carried out with the aim at increasing scientific and technological knowledge of Lebanese ESCOs and SMEs, on the most performing and efficient energy technologies already available on the market, or at their first demonstration stage.
Companies, enterprises and research institutions from all over Europe, selected from Partnership Opportunities Database (POD of Enterprise Europe Network,, will join the conference and they will exhibit their innovative technological systems and products, according with the following thematic sessions

They will have the chance to show their own technology/system to the main stakeholders of the energy sector in Lebanon (ESCOs, SMEs, public institutions, research institutes, etc.), which will be in turn invited as auditors within the same thematic sessions. In addition, one-to-one meetings could be even envisaged between European enterprises and Lebanon ESCOs, downstream the conference or during it, according with specific and expressed interests by the Parts.

To participate as speaker during Hackathon Days and to show your own system/product, please fill in and submit the registration form for technology / market offer you can find below. The deadline for submitting registration forms as speaker is 9th February 2022

After this date, detailed program of Hackathon Days will be scheduled, and it will be hereafter communicated to the participants, as well as uploaded on this web page.
Presentations will be performed by oral lectures of indicatively 25 min each (+ 5 min questions time), according with the presentation ppt. template you can find below.
To join the conference as auditors only, please fill in and submit the registration form for auditors you can find below
The web conference will be held by using a commercially on line platform (TEAMS, ZOOM, Adobe Connect, etc.). Both speakers and auditors will receive the meeting links to join the conference, following their registration and according with the sessions they indicated as of their interest / sector of activity
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