On Monday, July 4, 2022, engineers who had completed different trainings with AEE as part of ICU – Reestart Project received their certificates at Hotel Le Royal.

This event represents the completion of one among many work packages of REESTART project, which aims at the clean energy transition of Lebanon. 

The ceremony started with an introductory word by Mr. Mario Goraieb, project manager at ICU, followed by a presentation of REESTART’s activities and the announcement of the 6 pilot projects by Mr. Mohamad Ismail, project engineer. 
After that, was a recorded video message by Ms. Mary Elise Cox, AEE USA Headquarters representative. Finally, Mr. Ziad Haddad, Training Partner at AEE Lebanon, gave an overview of the training programs. The certification ceremony was celebrated by a dinner and a cake. 

The training and certification program has been essential in the development of the Lebanese energy companies, elevating their experience into becoming ESCOs. CEM, CMVP, and PCF certificates were handed to the engineers, making them the first actors of change towards a greener and more sustainable future. Congratulations!

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