Encourage the private sector, including Energy Services Companies (ESCOs), investing in alternative sources of energy to adopt effective and sustainable energy policies

Contribute to promote
entrepreneurship, innovation
and job creation in support of
Lebanon’s clean
energy transition

Increase levels of investment in Renewable Energy (RE) and Energy Efficiency (EE) through the creation of a more enabling environment for ESCOs to operate and grow


Capacity Building

Capacity building programme for ESCOs (technical, financial and legal framework)

Green Your Business

“Green your business” open call to select 35 SMEs

Business Advisor

Define SMEs GREEN business Strategy

Energy Audits

Energy audits for 35 selected SMEs

Technical Assistance

Access to SE Finance to 35 SMEs and 10 ESCOs thought Technical Assistance

Pilot Projects

Implementation of 6 pilot energy projects

Monitoring & Evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation of Pilot Project results

Lebanese ESCOs

Creation of a Lebanese Federation of ESCOs

Promote ESCOs

Development of a roadmap to promote ESCO’s business growth and SE transition

Guarantee Fund

Establishment of a guarantee fund for ESCOs


SMEs adopt solutions ensuring a more stable energy supply to reduce electricity consumption costs

ESCOs trained and certificated on legal, financial and technical expertise in order to act and grow in a stable framework

Sustainable Energy ecosystem is more supportive and efficient to create a National Federation of ESCO's